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who will be my life partner prediction

March 23, 2021 By admin 0
who will be my life partner prediction

who will be my life partner prediction My future prediction and life predictions – Many people have not their accurate birth date and want to know the life predictions, thus this is the quickest way to find  Love or romance astrology is one of the most talked about subjects in a person’s life. Prem, Romance astrology is used to determine the love life and married life of the natives, the compatibility of the natives with their lover or spouse and any other questions related to love, relationship or marriage. Love astrology is used to determine the natives’ love life and married life, the compatibility of the natives with their lover or spouse, and any other questions related to love, physical relationships, or marriage.
Love astrology

Prem astrology is also used to determine how the native will be himself in terms of love and its qualities in the romantic realm.
Love astrology is the field of astrology that can answer any questions about love, romance and marriage, such as, how would one’s spouse be, is someone currently in a love relationship, is someone cheating on their husband Have a tendency to give? Or lover. If someone will lead a happy sex life or if someone expresses the possibility of being impotent. who will be my life partner prediction

Love astrology can predict the possibility of falling in your love life, your love. Due to the position of many planets, you can get involved in various problems in the life of your love or romance. In astrology, if there is a problem then there is a way.
Frequently asked questions on love astrology are:
Why don’t I have a friend (Girlfriend or Boyfriend)?
When can I get my life partner?
Who can be my ideal partner and how can I get my partner?

Why have I always failed in love or been cheated?
Vedic love astrology defines the rules that describe one’s character, destiny and features in love and physical pleasure. So far this subject has very little spotlight and very little is talked about among the public. The Indian younger generation still feels ashamed to discuss this with any astrologer. Moon Astro explains it in a very simple way.
A) Venus in one’s horoscope: Depending on the different position on the horoscope one gets love and luck … who will be my life partner prediction

According to Prem Astrology, strong Venus in the horoscope brings popularity to someone in the opposite sex group and many such friends. Poor Venus which does not mean Venus is in favorable house or is accepted by male planet, cause trouble in having any new relationship? If Venus is male then the person becomes the wrong partner and due to this there are many obstacles in his life. Venus gives its best results when it is in Taurus, Pisces or Libra and in the center house. This person makes successful love and physical relationship a part of life. If Venus is not good, then they only use the remedy Luv astrology to the 7th house and the lord of the 7th house.

B) Horoscope of Mars in One: According to Love Astrology, love and material happiness have a greater role in the lives of the people of Mars. Mars defines the urge to create behavior and relationships based on status and power. To find a right partner, the natives must check for Mars and match the partner’s horoscope favorably. who will be my life partner prediction

c) 7th house and 7th house lord: According to Love Astrology, if a person has lord of 7th house, he will be happy in love and marital life. The relationship of the 7th lord with the Purushartha planets means betrayal in love or married life. If there is any male planet in the 7th house which means that there is a lot of trouble in mental relationships and the person can lead a happy married life. He or she will not be able to be good partners. If Saturn is present in the 7th house or belongs to the 7th house, it is difficult for a person to find any spouse, it may delay his marriage or even remain unmarried.
d) Jupiter in women’s horoscope: For men, Venus is primarily responsible for their life partner. But, Jupiter is the planet for women to have a good husband or spouse. Therefore Jupiter should be considered as the lucky planet for love and life partner for any woman’s horoscope. Venus is important for any happiness.
With different sampling date, I found that the above points would always be correct. Hope this information provides you a good source of information.

who will be my life partner prediction Every human on this planet has different characteristics but some similar traits, which can be divided into 9 types according to numerology. On this website you will find a lot of articles, which talk about the characteristics of people, but this article focuses on a person’s preferences when it comes to love and marriage. Some just flow with emotion, some are practical in love, some walk after beauty

etc. It all depends on the date you are born. It is a lot more complicated than dividing the whole world into 9 types of people, but it is not possible to clarify each date. After learning numerology, you can analyze a person from the date of birth. The characteristics of a person depend on mental number, fate number, name number, amount, month of birth and year of birth. who will be my life partner prediction

life partner prediction based on date of birth and time

If you consider 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th as the date of birth, then you are number 1
If you are on the 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th date of birth then you are number 2
If you are 3rd, 12th, 21st or 30th as your date of birth then you are number 3
If you are on the 4th, 13th, 22nd or 31st date of birth then you are number 4
If you are on the 5th, 14th or 23rd number, then your date of birth is
If you are number 6, 15th or 24th as your date of birth, then you are number 6
If you are number 7, 16 or 25 as your date of birth, then you are number 7
If you are number 8, 17 or 26 as your date of birth, then you are number 8
If you are on the 9th, 18th or 27th as your date of birth
Prediction of love and marriage for number 1:
Number 1 people are leaders and they like to lead in everything.

According to numerology, they try to rule their comrades and say the last thing in everything. A lot depends on their amount, but in general, they cannot be forced to do something they are not ready to do. When in love, No. 1 people do not give up. He is most likely to marry his childhood sweethearts. Furthermore, they do not compromise; They feel that they have some extraordinary qualities, due to which they fall in love with extraordinary people. who will be my life partner prediction

They are more practical than sentimental and have a very sophisticated taste for the one they love for beauty. They can remain single for a long time, but will not compromise with anyone. They also dominate their partners in lovemaking. They are creative and they try to experiment with new things. They are committed and people at number 1 can expect their partners to be loyal in a relationship.

Prediction of love and marriage for number 2

Number 2 people are sensitive, sensual and moody.For him, it is always about a mental connection with his colleagues. For them, the physical relationship is no less important than the emotional relationship. They are very sensual and have a very high imaginations. He has extreme mood swings, so it is important for his colleagues to have a stable mind. Number 2 people only get satisfied in love and marriage. If they have a very good understanding with their partners, then sex is not as important to them.

They follow their hearts when it comes to love, romance and marriage. A well-known example might be Shah Rukh Khan who followed Gauri Khan from Delhi to Mumbai, even though he was of a different caste. Number 2 people, when joined by someone, do not participate easily. They are very good at foreplay and their partners like their erotic part. Also for number 2 people, to have a good personal life it is necessary to have a good professional life because they need to be happy to do well at work. who will be my life partner prediction

Prediction of love and marriage for number 3

Number 3 people are similar to number 1 people about love and marriage. They are practical and usually will not follow their heart when deciding their partners. Number 3 people are fearless and ambitious. They make their own laws and are very self-motivated. They generally want to have the best marriage.

They are not romantic compared to other numbers such as 2, 6, 7 and 8. For him, the main importance is his career. Even in sex life, they like to dominate their partner. They try to prove their superiority in all fields. Relationships can be good for them if the other person is willing to agree that he is the second best. These qualities of number 3 people are not very clear; Their partners feel them as they spend time together.

Prediction of love and marriage for number 4:

The number 4 people are unconventional and they each have something unique about them. However, they are not normally romantic, as astrologers. They have more relationships outside of marriage, but only for sexual pleasure. This is not true for all number 4 men because a small percentage of them are very loyal and will allow their allies to dominate them. Number 4 people are not flirtatious and are very dedicated in their relationships. Even if they have sex outside their marriage, their partners are not able to figure out how to be devoted to their partners. People born on the 22nd are usually loyal to their partners. Number 4 people are less disposable, due to which many number 4 people end up divorced. Number 4 people should be very careful while tying the knot because most of them get unlucky when it comes to marriage and relationships.

Prediction of love and marriage for number 5:

Number 5 people can have a lot of relationships before marriage, because they want their partners to be perfect. After a while, they get bored with their partners because they love change and entertainment. Number 5 people are versatile and love to experiment. They also like to try new ways of sexual intercourse. Sex is important to them in a relationship. Their brain works very fast, due to which, they change their mind too often. They are impulsive and need a stable life partner like number 2 people. Number 8 is a good match for number 5. Number 5 people do not usually fall in love and they make practical decisions when it comes to relationships and marriage. who will be my life partner prediction

Prediction of love and marriage for number 6:

The number 6 is the number of Venus, which is known as the planet of love and peace. Number 6 people are attractive and magnetic when it comes to love and romance. They can flow in love because they are very emotional. Astrology says that some number 6 people can also be very molested and they can go for a affair outside their marriage. This is especially the case when number 6 is not emotionally attached to him or his partner. For these people, it is important to be mentally and emotionally connected in their marriage. Like number 6, for number 6, sex is not important – it is more about connection than physical compatibility. Typically, number 6 people are surrounded by people of the opposite sex due to their attractive personality. His ability to attract people is often jealous of his peers. They are sensual in love and are good with foreplay.

Prediction of love and marriage for number 7:

Number 7 people generally talk less, because they are dreamy and thoughtful. But this does not mean that they are cold and not romantic. The number 7 represents Ketu, which has some qualities similar to number 2 and that is why they gel best with number 2 people. Number 7 people are dreamy by nature and keep fantasizing about what they want in life. Their mind is so powerful that they can attract what they imagine. They should avoid stress and take more rest. Like number 2, number 7 is important for people to be emotionally connected with their partners in a marriage. Generally, the majority of people in number 7 are loyal until they are badly hurt by their allies. Like number 2, he too needs to be happy in his personal life to make a good career. Any small issue in their marriage can become big because of analyzing nature on their head. Number 7 people should communicate more frequently with their colleagues to clear up misunderstandings.

Prediction of love and marriage for number 8:

The number 8 people are very emotional but still strong. They are the most faithful of all numbers; However, they suffer the most as they are largely misunderstood by all. The highest number of 8 women have suffered in their married lives. Number 8 women are suggested to match the horoscope before marriage. Once they are in love, they remain loyal. They are not practical when it comes to love and relationships, they simply follow their heart. They take a long time to connect with someone, but once attached, they blindly follow their partners. Number 8 people are often attracted to other numbers 8 and 4 because they share the best compatibility with them. But since these two numbers bring conflict, the two numbers 4G or 8s should never marry each other. Number 2 people can continue to suffer for a long time in their married life without saying a word but once they are badly hurt and they decide to come out of the relationship, no one can stop them. In my opinion, number 8 people are the best for marriage (only if you are not number 4 or 8).

Prediction of love and marriage for number 9:

Issue 9 is for Mars, which is a destructive planet. Similarly, number 9 people are full of aggression and energy. Number 9 people are emotional, but the world is hardly able to see that side. The sexual demands of number 9 are higher than any other number and they always give more importance to sexual compatibility. Number 9 men have physical relationships outside of marriage, which is only for physical pleasure and they are not emotional. Number 9 people are passionate about their partner and are connected to their family. However, if they get a chance to have sex outside of their marriage, they do not hesitate. who will be my life partner prediction