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Cancer Facts female And Male

October 25, 2020 By admin 0
Cancer Facts female And Male


Cancer Facts female And Male They are average tall , they need tendency to stoutness, awkward sometimes and walk with a rolling gait. they need a round face, full cheeks, and a buccula . they need a brief nose with a pointy tip. Light blue or gray is that the color of their eyes. Pale complexion, small hands, short feet and Cancer Facts female And Male wide chest.


They are keen on changes, novelty, and traveling. they’re quite bonded to their families and relatives. At times, inclined towards Cancer Facts female And Male public life, sympathetic, impatient and changeful. they can’t remain angry for an extended duration.


They are strong, emotional and romantic naturally . they need a medium built and physique. they need a versatile nature. they’re excellent in hospitality, are very loyal and understands their responsibilities. They experience changes in occupation frequently. they’re curious about gaining small amounts from different sources then gaining a much bigger amount from one source. they’re impressionable, secretive and magnetic. they’re devoted, sincere and dedicated spouses. they will sacrifice everything for his or her children.


They are fragile during their youth but pick on their health as their age advances. they’re nervous and worried as they’re ruled by chest and stomach. they ought to consume an inexpensive diet without alcohol. they need a weak digestion, face gastric problems and even has asthma.


They get suffering from lung, throat, flu, cough, dyspepsia, flatulence, bile, gall stone, worms and boils on the chest.


They are very thrifty with their finances, honest to themselves, against dishonesty and aren’t extravagant. They earn their wealth through their own arduous work and are fortunate when it involves finances.


They are monotonous, loyal, sincere and affectionate in their sexual love , but they lack in showing their sincerity to their partners. they’re determined, fickle minded and stubborn sometimes .


These people enjoy a family spirit and like being reception . they’re romantic and passionate partners. they create good parents for his or her kids, they will sacrifice everything to satisfy their children’s needs and requirements. they’re cool, calm, keen minded and filled with heroism.


They are devoted husbands to their wives. They wish to hold their wives cheerful, pleasing, and wish to marry a honey girl. At times, they produce an unpleasant Cancer Facts female And Male atmosphere and interfere in household routine.


They are sincere, loyal, tender, dutiful, sympathetic and dedicated to their husbands. they’re homely but moody consistent with the ambiance. they’re good mothers to their kids. they will become stubborn if they’re neglected and not heard. they are doing not change their good behavior and nature unless their spouse does something drastic to harass them badly.


Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer are the perfect and favorable matches for them.


They are committed towards their family completely. They love being reception , it gives them delight. they’re keen on learning antiques, hosting friends and family reception and maintain an honest atmosphere reception . Love of their children and residential is among their basic traits. They maintain good, sizeable and future friendship.


They normally get into commercial businesses or jobs. Things derived from the water like coaches, pearl and fish are their specialty. They also enter the Navy, submarine, shipping departments, import-export, transport, and travel. they will become good managers, restaurant owners, orators, preachers, contractor, and irrigation department. they’re great in developing Vedic and sacred texts.


They should be enduring, patient and Cancer Facts female And Male avoid being sensitive over every trivial issue. Flexibility and indolence are their weak traits. There should be no complex , should avoid being lazy, passive and over anxious. they ought to not be vindictive and will produce the spiritual side. they ought to attempt to overcome their shy nature.


Friday and Sunday bring leisure while Monday, Tuesday and Thursday will get success. Saturday may remain unfavorable which could bring disharmony, arguments, fights etc. Monday is that the day to fast.


Yellow, white, cream and red are favorable colors. Usage of blue and green should be debarred.


4 & 6 are numbers which may produce vibration in life, whereas 8 & 1 are lucky numbers. 2, 7 & 9 are passive and three & 5 should be avoided as they carry disagreement.


Pearl utilized in silver wore within the 4th finger on Monday morning after performing the ritual. When the moon is unfavorable, Cancer Facts female And Male yellow sapphire and pearl should be endured.

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